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AlL HaIL d kArDAshIaNS


The Kardashian sisters (plus their mum ) are a set of smart business women. OH YES, I was surfing through the web and I came across their new collection of nail polish, uhm. These gals are a branding power house, love them or hate them. I’m impressed.

Sometime ago, Perez Hilton dissed them about not having any talent, their mum defended them in the media saying they work 26 hours in a day.

Enough of the story, the gist here is they’ve teamed up with Nicole by OPI to create limited edition nail polish collection- this includes 14 shades, each named after the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

I love nail polish so for the love of nail polish(to emphasise on my love for these bottles of colour), I present to you Kardashian Kolors…..……………


Kardashian Kolors for Nicole by OPI

Picture courtesy  of www.collegefashion.net