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These bags give you a casual chic look. Let me wet your appetite. Don’t worry, you will thank me later, LOL.

Flower straw bag- H&M, Beach bag-PacSun, Foldover Shopper-Debenhams

 Straw crochet bag- Debenhams, Straw and Sequin bag- Target, Poppie Jones straw tote-DSW

Here, we have our very own version made by Aces Couture, suite 191/192, Nasir El-Rufai block Garki ultra modern market, Abuja.

One of the totes by Aces Couture


She makes all sorts of accessories as well


OnE dAy-ONe lOOk



Purse- H&M


Ring- Miss Selfridges


Cardigan is by Old navy, Dress- Zara, Belt- River Island.

It rained yesterday so I decided to go with the cardigan. That’s it. I ve been so busy with a training-Take home tests, Assignments; that it’s been a challenge taking pictures talkless of posting them. Weekends are happy days, I get to have my “ME” time.



Hey Fabmates,

As I was about to go out, I realised my hair was a mess and decided to cover it up. I grabbed an old scarf and lo and behold I had a turban(or just something like it) on. It’s definitely not the best I’ve seen but it saved the day. It wasn’t planned, it came to me out of nowhere and I took some pictures. Here is my turban-like look.


Top: Primark-I’ve had this printed top for almost 2 years

Earring and Ring: H&M

The scarf actually came with a River Island jeans (like a belt thingy that runs through the belt holes).

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

BoX oF gOOdIeS


Hello Fabmates,

I mentioned sometime ago how my look is never complete without a ring or rings. Oh yeah, so I decided to do a lil piece about my rings.

Here’s my box of rings, they range from H&M to Smart set to Accessorize to Primark. Some of the ones I got from my last trip to Canada, I havn’t even worn yet.


This is a set of  4, sometimes I wear 3 or just 2 of the set depending on my mood.
This black one I wear a lot, maybe cos t’s black
And while I was taking the pictures it was about to rain and heres what the sky looked like. 

i dO



It’s been a while since I posted, four days to be exact.

I attended a wedding today….I love weddings, who doesn’t? Here are some pictures of Me.

The jacket was designed by me and made by MOA (she also added a few jara), she’s a designer based here in Abuja, Nigeria(she’s super hot).



Jacket: MOA (Abuja based Designer), Pants: Collectibles

Shoes : New Look, Purse: H&M


Ring: H & M, Nail Polish: MAC

I love this jacket cos it’s so colourful (yellow, green, brown, red), it pops. Colours are so in now. The patched jacket is made from four different African prints.
I paired it with a yellow purse which brings out the colours more, straight black pants, black gladiator shoes (I love them). Though the shoes are high, they are very comfy. I have a black flower cocktail ring on-these rings make you look chic.

21 ANd hOT


Cape/Top: Iconola (Abuja, Nigeria based designer), Rings: H and M.

I attended a friend’s mum’s birthday party on Sunday, this was what I wore.
My badge reads “21 and Hot buy me a shot”, hence the title of my post. Every girl wants to be 21 over and over again, LOL. Oh yes, I’m 21 years young.

Hair piece: Accessorize, Badge: Icing


Pants: Primark, Camisole: H and M


Shoes: American Eagle