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Random thoughts going through my head

OnE dAy-ONe lOOk



Purse- H&M


Ring- Miss Selfridges


Cardigan is by Old navy, Dress- Zara, Belt- River Island.

It rained yesterday so I decided to go with the cardigan. That’s it. I ve been so busy with a training-Take home tests, Assignments; that it’s been a challenge taking pictures talkless of posting them. Weekends are happy days, I get to have my “ME” time.




Hey Fabmates,

As I was about to go out, I realised my hair was a mess and decided to cover it up. I grabbed an old scarf and lo and behold I had a turban(or just something like it) on. It’s definitely not the best I’ve seen but it saved the day. It wasn’t planned, it came to me out of nowhere and I took some pictures. Here is my turban-like look.


Top: Primark-I’ve had this printed top for almost 2 years

Earring and Ring: H&M

The scarf actually came with a River Island jeans (like a belt thingy that runs through the belt holes).

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

BoX oF gOOdIeS


Hello Fabmates,

I mentioned sometime ago how my look is never complete without a ring or rings. Oh yeah, so I decided to do a lil piece about my rings.

Here’s my box of rings, they range from H&M to Smart set to Accessorize to Primark. Some of the ones I got from my last trip to Canada, I havn’t even worn yet.


This is a set of  4, sometimes I wear 3 or just 2 of the set depending on my mood.
This black one I wear a lot, maybe cos t’s black
And while I was taking the pictures it was about to rain and heres what the sky looked like. 

i dO



It’s been a while since I posted, four days to be exact.

I attended a wedding today….I love weddings, who doesn’t? Here are some pictures of Me.

The jacket was designed by me and made by MOA (she also added a few jara), she’s a designer based here in Abuja, Nigeria(she’s super hot).



Jacket: MOA (Abuja based Designer), Pants: Collectibles

Shoes : New Look, Purse: H&M


Ring: H & M, Nail Polish: MAC

I love this jacket cos it’s so colourful (yellow, green, brown, red), it pops. Colours are so in now. The patched jacket is made from four different African prints.
I paired it with a yellow purse which brings out the colours more, straight black pants, black gladiator shoes (I love them). Though the shoes are high, they are very comfy. I have a black flower cocktail ring on-these rings make you look chic.

21 ANd hOT


Cape/Top: Iconola (Abuja, Nigeria based designer), Rings: H and M.

I attended a friend’s mum’s birthday party on Sunday, this was what I wore.
My badge reads “21 and Hot buy me a shot”, hence the title of my post. Every girl wants to be 21 over and over again, LOL. Oh yes, I’m 21 years young.

Hair piece: Accessorize, Badge: Icing


Pants: Primark, Camisole: H and M


Shoes: American Eagle


TodAY-wITh ColouR


Bow top: Costa Blanca (a Canadian brand) , Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: American Eagle


Earrings: Diva


Ring: Primark

I attended a friend’s birthday party today. It rained cats n dogs so I had to dress warm and I just felt like playing with colours.

Pants( stirrups): Primark, Purse: Zara, Earrings: Diva,

TodAy aS d fUSion ConTInUeS

Jacket- 26*09(Abuja based Nigerian designer),Purse- Zara, Ring and Earrings- HnM, Skirt- River Island, Head piece- Ene Maya

Hey Fabmates,

Today, I decided to rep our African designers, Oh yes. We all know they are beginning to get the attention they truely deserve all over the world. Its indeed time for Africa.
From Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B to Diane Von Furstenberg, a lot of designers all over the world are working with African prints these days.
On this note I say I’m so proud to be AFRICAN* in Tuface’s voice*