A fabulous Nigerian who loves fashion, colour n all things beautiful……..

Lover of good food n good music…..

Hollywood n Nollywood groupie…….(LOL)

Ardent reader of fashion mags…..

Welcome to City of Fab- Fabuloucity Junkies’ home……where you get shots of fab whenever u need it.

Truth is, there isn’t enuff space here to descibe me . Lets just have fun and blog on. Follow me on twitter @honeymix31


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  1. Hi. My name is Vivian and i seriously need your help. I find your blog amazing and was thinking if you would like to help me out by sharing core secrets about making my blog look or feel like yours.I think you are amazing and please feel free to constructively criticize sharingmymindonablog.blogspot.com which happens to be the name of my blog.
    Pls reply me,
    thank you

    • Hello Vivian, thanks. I’m a new blogger myself. All i can say is blog about something u love n enjoy doing n make d internet(google) ur best friend.Will check out ur blog n support. Keep in touch dear.

  2. Hi dearie,

    Nice Blog and very creative too! I hope to learn a lot about fashion on this blog. I trust you wont disappoint me! Keep up the good work dear.

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