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These bags give you a casual chic look. Let me wet your appetite. Don’t worry, you will thank me later, LOL.

Flower straw bag- H&M, Beach bag-PacSun, Foldover Shopper-Debenhams

 Straw crochet bag- Debenhams, Straw and Sequin bag- Target, Poppie Jones straw tote-DSW

Here, we have our very own version made by Aces Couture, suite 191/192, Nasir El-Rufai block Garki ultra modern market, Abuja.

One of the totes by Aces Couture


She makes all sorts of accessories as well


AlL HaIL d kArDAshIaNS


The Kardashian sisters (plus their mum ) are a set of smart business women. OH YES, I was surfing through the web and I came across their new collection of nail polish, uhm. These gals are a branding power house, love them or hate them. I’m impressed.

Sometime ago, Perez Hilton dissed them about not having any talent, their mum defended them in the media saying they work 26 hours in a day.

Enough of the story, the gist here is they’ve teamed up with Nicole by OPI to create limited edition nail polish collection- this includes 14 shades, each named after the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

I love nail polish so for the love of nail polish(to emphasise on my love for these bottles of colour), I present to you Kardashian Kolors…..……………


Kardashian Kolors for Nicole by OPI

Picture courtesy  of

OnE dAy-ONe lOOk



Purse- H&M


Ring- Miss Selfridges


Cardigan is by Old navy, Dress- Zara, Belt- River Island.

It rained yesterday so I decided to go with the cardigan. That’s it. I ve been so busy with a training-Take home tests, Assignments; that it’s been a challenge taking pictures talkless of posting them. Weekends are happy days, I get to have my “ME” time.

wEDged WedNEsDaY


I really don’t like Wednesdays, it’s just inbetween- Not close enough to weekend, yet it’s not the beginning of a fresh week.

I noticed one thing while in town today, I saw a lot of ladies in wedges- sandals, shoes, different types. One thing about wedges is they are they are the most comfy heels a woman could wear.

And this is in leopard print, how cool is that?
Christian Louboutin viva boom wedge

I love this one, the colour-sweet
I don’t like dis design so much but d colour will make a statement

You don’t have the heart for a 6 inch heel? Then wedge is your thing.
You want longer sexy legs but u r scared of tripping, try wedge. Yeah, I’m out of here-going to try on a pair of wedge I will wear tomorrow.

STyLe tIps-


A few tips from Me to You, I got some from

The best trend is no trend! Who cares what’s in the magazines and on TV? If you like what you wear and you wear it with a smile, you will set the trend! People will think you look great and go to you for fashion trends. Be spontaneous and always try something new.

When you are wearing a tight fitting shirt, wear loose pants, and when wearing loose pants, wear a tight shirt. Loose with loose makes you look sloppy, and tight on tight makes you look kinda trashy.

I think when you wear jeans, you should wear a cool shirt that makes ordinary jeans look good. You can also play up jeans with a good looking pair of shoes.

Always put on nail-polish; it looks great

These Sally Hansen Salon effects are great, colourful, fun way to polish your nails. I’m a nail polish junkie, u can tell from my pictures. (Check out older posts)

When wearing animal prints less is more! Do not dress in animal prints from head to toe!! Wear only one print and add a dramatic flair by accessorising right with a scarf, or even some fab shoes


Accessorize with animal print bag