LEt’S pOP sOmE cOlOuRs



Since colours are so in, I put together some outfits that are bright enough to make us smile through the day. It’s Summer in most parts of the world. Here it’s almost always Summer, aint we lucky? Enough of my blabbing, lets get to the pictures.


I call this Summer's finest

There are 2 looks here:
1. A printed girly girl dress with belt, yellow hand bag and flats with sunglasses and colourful bracelets.
2. A pink blouse, pink ankle flats, pink neck wrap/piece and killer shorts (if you have got “the legs” ) or cargo pants (if you’re not comfy with the shorts). The shorts makes more sense though*wink*

ALDO wedges. Is that made from Ankara print or what? Yes, it is.

This wedges could also work with the shorts look.

PROA purse

This purse can also go with the dress and maybe heels for a more dressy occassion.
Sachez Sunglasses

Pictures from www.my-vogue.com,www.aldo.com



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