fAsHiOn tIpS – fRoM OnE jUnKiE To aNoTher


Here is a perfect dress for a tall woman


I have some fashion tips here from Me to you.

Here they are.

Number 1 rule is *drum roll*- Know your body type. Yes, this is very important. If you have this all important information, all other things SHOULD follow easily, emphasis on “should” cos some people still don’t get it right even though they are aware of their body types.

1. Show off the trimmest parts of your body by combining a tight fitting piece with a loose fitting one.

2. The darker a print’s background, the slimmer the look.

3. A slim v- neck makes the neck appear longer and is  usually flattering.

4. It doesn’t matter if seperates don’t match exactly. Tonal variations are a creative alternative.

Lastly, there’s no excuse for panty lines!!! A thong is a girl’s best friend. Some ladies claim that thongs get stuck between their butts, then knickers(thin ones) is a good option in this case.

Let me get a few bites now, catch ya all later.

You can get more tips from


Perfect for a Plus size woman for a formal outing. With the right accessories it could work for a casual event.


Great dress for a petite woman

We need to keep in mind that the right accessories can turn a simple outfit into a hot banger.
Here are a few accessories.

Angel Jackson Jaguar Buckle Belt


ASOS Dragon fly ring


Celine Aviator Sunglasses


TOD'S chain bracelet


ASOS Leaves Drop Earrings

Pictures from and





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  1. This web site is now maturing unlike before, please keep it up. You look nice in most of the Pic. but I will recommend that you should put most of the things you sell most on the site for others to view.

    Thank you.

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