MtV mOvie aWArDS- tHE “uPs” N “fLopS”


Mtv Movie Awards has come and gone. Now lets check out the “Ups” and “Flops”, the “Yikes” and “Likes”.

All pictures courtesy

She gets a "Up" and a "Like". Love the bandage dress and the contrasting shoes.


Simple but Hot, "Up" n "Like". Those legs are to die for.

"Emma Stone"

Not liking this so much, I don't like the purse but overall, not bad.

"Emma Watson"

She always manages to look sweet and innocent. Love,love,love d shoes.

Hailee Steinfeld

This gets a "Flop" and "Yike" from me, sorry.


Flop- this looks like a maternity gown. Her skin tone also doesn't complement the dress. Oh, oops it's a maternity gown.


Don't we just love our fav twilighter. She's showing legs n arms. HAWT


Oh thank God she lost the pink hair. This is actually very ok by Nicki's standard, if u know what I mean.


Not bad but I'm a lil dissappointed. She's usually more daring than this.

My View: All in all, I think a lot of people played safe @ the MTV Movie Awards this year. Let’s push the envelope people.

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