eVErYdaY bAGGagE


Laptop compartment

My laptop fits into it, how cool is that?

I saw this on http://chictherapyonline.blogspot.com/2011/05/stuff-in-my-bag.html and decided to do my version.

I call this bag my “Default bag”. Since it’s black, it goes with anything. It’s what I throw on when I don’t know which bag goes with what outfit and it always saves the day.


Phones: Blackberry and i-pod phones-Well, what can I say? They keep me connected to the world. I keep the ear piece(s) really close so I can listen to music whenever. Got some hot tracks on these phones.

Wallet: Home to my ATM cards, Business cards, Money(it makes the world go round….. u know)

Note pad and Pen: You never know when ideas will pop into your head, just jot, jot and jot on.

Lip Gloss: MAC- A girl has to look pretty at all times*wink*

Cheque books: I always keep them in my bag

Business cards: For my retail store, it comes in handy for prospective customers

Hand cream: Keeps the hands soft at all times

Chewing gums: Keeps the breathe fresh. There’s a rule against bad breathe, you could get jailed for it.

Mirror : Check yourself out at all times 

Others: Office ID and keys,


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