Limah in Iconola jumpsuit

Fusion Fashion Exhibition was held on Sunday at African Hall, Intl Conference Centre, Abuja. Lots of Abuja based designers were there to showcase their stuffs. There were designers from Lagos as well.

My camera acted up (hence the poor quality of pics) and my assistant photographer for the day (Limah) proved to me that she needed more training,lol. I actually have more pictures but I could get flogged if i post them(such low quality pictures uhm). I learnt that you can never over-prepare for something. So, I promise to be more prepared in the future (no more excuses)
Till then,
Stay Fab . 

Also by 26*09

I fell in love with this jacket by 26*09 (Twenty-sixth September)
Ene Maya Lawani’s hat,turbans,head wraps and accessories’ collection-I kept going back to her stand
With my friend(in black) Limah

My friend, Limah is the worst photographer ever.

I got one of the hats from Ene Maya-Still,my friend can't take a pic to save her life, LOL


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