oH! bY oHeMa OHeNe


And she makes clothes as well, COOL



So, who’s Ohema Ohene? I don’t know, never met him (come to think of it, maybe it’s a “her”), never heard of him until yesterday.

A friend sent me a picture of a lovely pair of shoes on my BB- that’s a blackberry phone (for those that don’t know)- that crazy handheld device that has turned everybody into a maniac. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. The shoes were so attractive, you would want to snatch them off your computer screen (or your BB –  if you are one of those BB maniacs i refered to up here). I couldn’t resist so I decided to google him i.e the man behind the brand. Lo and behold, she’s a woman not a man (thanks to Chi chi).

Ohema Ohene is a brand owned by British born designer, Abenaa Pokwaa of Ghanaian heritage, hence the ghanaian name Ohema Ohene meaning King and Queen in Ghanaian language, Twi.

The shoes are made from vibrant colourful african prints, really cool stuffs.


This was the pic sent to me by a friend-he tagged it Sneakers toh badt

I got more pics from her website-all thanx to my besttie google


 More from the website


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  1. Ohema Ohene was Created in 2008 by British born designer Abenaa Pokuaa. Based in London, the name meaning Queen & King in the Ghanaian language of Twi was in reference of her Ghanaian heritage and plans to create a brand for both Men and Women.

    its a woman not a man
    xoxo WomenDoingGreatThings xoxo

  2. love d shoes,even my 2yr old old nephew agrees.As young as he is i cant deny he’s gt style.Is their any in his size?I dnt mind gettin him 1.

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