So I sit in front of my tv watching/listening to all (well, almost all) my favourite tracks, from Rihanna’s Rude Boy to Chris Brown’s Deuces to Naija’s finests. Bruno Mars’ Grenade comes on, this guy’s voice is amazing….. it just flows n makes you float. I love him. (You can watch these videos on this page)

Am I doing a music review here? Absolutely not. It’s just difficult not to get carried away by music on a Friday night. Looks like every station is playing some good music.

In other news, I have two events to attend tomorrow. Not sure I can do the 2 but I will try. I promise to take loads of pics n share with u guys here. Infact, I promise to do less talking/writing n let d pics do all d talking. My camera has been messing up but I got it fixed. I hope it doesn’t dissapoint tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Till then,

Fabulously yours!xoxo

NB- What r u doing over d weekend? Any fun event or outing? Please share.


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