tHE FouR mEmE


Websites I vist daily

Hey Fabmates,

Saw this fun game on I decided to try it, lets have fun with it.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life

1. Internship at a Brewery

2. Admin Assistant @ a training school

3. Human Resources Assistant @ a NGO

(N B- I ve only had 3 jobs)

Four Cities you’ve lived in

1. Ibadan

2. Abuja

3. Calgary, Canada

4. Oyo(I schooled there)

Four fav TV shows

1. Tinsel

2. Big Brother Africa

3. Desperate Housewives

4. 24

Four places been on Vacation

1. Nairobi

2. Dubai

3. London

4. Edmonton

Four websites I visit daily

1. Bella naija

2. Google

3. 360nobs

4. Big Brother Africa

Four of my Fav meals

1. Pizza

2. Fried rice, chicken with salad

3. All finger foods

4. Fries n chicken

Four things I wish I could eat or drink right now

1. Pizza

2. Prawn filled spring rolls

3. sharwarma

4. Fresh mango juice

Four things I wont eat

1. Dog meat

2. Semovita

3. Cassava meal (Eba)

4. Cant think of anything else. As long as it tastes good, I’m in.

Four things in my bedroom

1. My shoe rack

2. My laptop

3. Bed

4. Reading lamp

Four things I’m wearing right now

1. My 4 inch heels (can’t do without wearing heels to the office)

2. Cocktail ring (Don’t feel complete without them, got loads of them)

3. Skinny belt

4. Black see-through shirt

Four places I’d rather be right now

1. Home

2. Shopping mall

3. My shop ( I have a clothes retail shop/boutique)

4. Hanging out with friends

Four fav things

1. Clothes

2. Accessories

3. Listening to music

4. Hanging out

Guys, lets know more about you, play this simple game. You don’t have to answer all, u can pick some and just flow with it.



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