Yawn FilleD MonDays


Hello Fabmates,

Mondays are sooooo *yawn*. Boring meetings,updates on the previous week, lots of unnecessary “Hello, how was your weekend?” -by now i guess you can picture this particular Monday morning-the usual stuff.

Wait, did i forget to tell u guys I ve a 9-5 job? I do. Anyway, today was uneventful and as boring as Mondays can get.

Fast forward to 6pm, back at home and just waiting up to catch my fav tv programmes.

Highlights of the day- Dressing up for work. You think I’m vain? I think so too. Sadly, I’m yet to find my way around uploading pictures but I’m working on it and soon, very soon, I promise.

Till then, stay Fab and do that stuff you’ve been thinking of doing. Yes, you can.


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