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eVErYdaY bAGGagE


Laptop compartment

My laptop fits into it, how cool is that?

I saw this on and decided to do my version.

I call this bag my “Default bag”. Since it’s black, it goes with anything. It’s what I throw on when I don’t know which bag goes with what outfit and it always saves the day.


Phones: Blackberry and i-pod phones-Well, what can I say? They keep me connected to the world. I keep the ear piece(s) really close so I can listen to music whenever. Got some hot tracks on these phones.

Wallet: Home to my ATM cards, Business cards, Money(it makes the world go round….. u know)

Note pad and Pen: You never know when ideas will pop into your head, just jot, jot and jot on.

Lip Gloss: MAC- A girl has to look pretty at all times*wink*

Cheque books: I always keep them in my bag

Business cards: For my retail store, it comes in handy for prospective customers

Hand cream: Keeps the hands soft at all times

Chewing gums: Keeps the breathe fresh. There’s a rule against bad breathe, you could get jailed for it.

Mirror : Check yourself out at all times 

Others: Office ID and keys,


TodAy aS d fUSion ConTInUeS

Jacket- 26*09(Abuja based Nigerian designer),Purse- Zara, Ring and Earrings- HnM, Skirt- River Island, Head piece- Ene Maya

Hey Fabmates,

Today, I decided to rep our African designers, Oh yes. We all know they are beginning to get the attention they truely deserve all over the world. Its indeed time for Africa.
From Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B to Diane Von Furstenberg, a lot of designers all over the world are working with African prints these days.
On this note I say I’m so proud to be AFRICAN* in Tuface’s voice* 


Limah in Iconola jumpsuit

Fusion Fashion Exhibition was held on Sunday at African Hall, Intl Conference Centre, Abuja. Lots of Abuja based designers were there to showcase their stuffs. There were designers from Lagos as well.

My camera acted up (hence the poor quality of pics) and my assistant photographer for the day (Limah) proved to me that she needed more training,lol. I actually have more pictures but I could get flogged if i post them(such low quality pictures uhm). I learnt that you can never over-prepare for something. So, I promise to be more prepared in the future (no more excuses)
Till then,
Stay Fab . 

Also by 26*09

I fell in love with this jacket by 26*09 (Twenty-sixth September)
Ene Maya Lawani’s hat,turbans,head wraps and accessories’ collection-I kept going back to her stand
With my friend(in black) Limah

My friend, Limah is the worst photographer ever.

I got one of the hats from Ene Maya-Still,my friend can't take a pic to save her life, LOL

StYLe cRuSH- rIhaNNA

Rihanna-Red Carpet Radiant


Rihanna-my best friend (in my head). Is there really anyone on this planet who doesn’t find her too HAWT to handle? She’s never afraid to push the envelope and try new things. She’s my style crush.

PS: I will be attending Fusion Lifestyle Fashion Shopping event tomorrow in Abuja. I will make sure to post all the interesting pictures here.

Till then,

Stay Fab


oH! bY oHeMa OHeNe


And she makes clothes as well, COOL



So, who’s Ohema Ohene? I don’t know, never met him (come to think of it, maybe it’s a “her”), never heard of him until yesterday.

A friend sent me a picture of a lovely pair of shoes on my BB- that’s a blackberry phone (for those that don’t know)- that crazy handheld device that has turned everybody into a maniac. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. The shoes were so attractive, you would want to snatch them off your computer screen (or your BB –  if you are one of those BB maniacs i refered to up here). I couldn’t resist so I decided to google him i.e the man behind the brand. Lo and behold, she’s a woman not a man (thanks to Chi chi).

Ohema Ohene is a brand owned by British born designer, Abenaa Pokwaa of Ghanaian heritage, hence the ghanaian name Ohema Ohene meaning King and Queen in Ghanaian language, Twi.

The shoes are made from vibrant colourful african prints, really cool stuffs.


This was the pic sent to me by a friend-he tagged it Sneakers toh badt

I got more pics from her website-all thanx to my besttie google


 More from the website

My coLouRFul wOrLd


Its Wednesday, you know that day of d week where the week isn’t quite fresh yet weekend isn’t close enough either. Home-Work-Shop-Back home. Nothing eventful.

So I’m back home, waiting to catch my fav TV series’ (as usual) and while I waited, I got around to painting my nails in the most colourful way with a lil help from my sis.

Colour My World

Here, what do u think? And the rings, can’t do without them. I have a box full of rings in different colours,sizes and shapes.